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When and where is surgery? Can I do both eyes?

Where is surgery performed?

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You’ll need to have a friend drive you on the day of your surgery.

You may choose to have Dr. Dale perform your surgery at either Eastside Surgery Center, in Issaquah, or at the Outpatient Surgery Center at Overlake Hospital Medical Center in Bellevue. In general, Dr. Dale operates at the Eastside Surgery Center every other Friday, and at Overlake Outpatient Surgery every other Thursday. If you choose laser-assisted cataract surgery, this option is only available at Overlake Outpatient Surgery.

Will I be able to drive myself home after surgery? How about for my follow-up appointment the next day?

You must have someone else drive you home following surgery. You cannot drive yourself home because of the light sedation during surgery. It is nice to have someone else bring you to your first postoperative appointment as well, as you may still have blurred vision in the eye that was operated on. In addition, because different people we recommend that someone stay with you the first day and night after surgery.

I have cataracts in both eyes. How soon can my second eye be operated on?

If the first eye cataract surgery is uncomplicated and your underlying eye health is good, than the second eye operation can often be scheduled two to four weeks following the first eye.

What is the follow-up schedule after surgery?

The general follow-up schedule includes visits one day after surgery, one week after surgery and one month after surgery. Dr. Dale, Dr. Duvall and Dr. Livingston take a team approach to your care after surgery, which in most cases allows you to schedule your follow-up visits at the location and with the doctor of your choice. If you have a complication, even minor, our doctors may want to see you more frequently to monitor the condition.