Living Well With Low Vision

Living Well With Low Vision

Living Well With Low Vision

Living Well With Low Vision

What is Low Vision?

Low Vision is vision loss or impaired vision that can’t be corrected with traditional glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. It is not the same as blindness. People with low vision still live independent lives, however, low vision may interfere with the performance of daily activities, such as reading and driving.

What Causes Low Vision?

Low vision can happen at any age. Although more common in older adults, normal aging itself does not cause low vision. Instead, low vision may be a result of eye/health diseases, eye injuries, or birth defects.

What Level of Vision is Considered Low Vision?

Low Vision is a term describing a level of vision worse than 20/70 in at least one eye. However, people seeing 20/40 or worse can still benefit from a Low Vision exam, especially if they are noticing difficulty reading, doing hobbies, or other visual tasks despite wearing appropriate prescription glasses.

What is Low Vision Rehabilitation?

Low Vision Rehabilitation is a service that helps people with low vision optimize their remaining vision. To do this, we utilize magnifiers, telescopes, and other adaptive devices.

Who will my doctor be?

Dr. Mallory Troyer sees Low Vision Consultations in our North Bend Location on Monday mornings.

"My goal with a low vision consultation is to help each patient use their available vision to the fullest and maximize their independence."

​Call our office to schedule your appointment.

What Will the Doctor Do During My Low Vision Appointment?

During a Low Vision appointment, you and the doctor will determine your specific vision goals. Then, the doctor will use a unique technique to find the best possible glasses prescription for you. Finally, you will discuss and trial different devices that help reach your vision goals.

How Long Will the Appointment Last?

Will There Be Follow-up Visits? Low Vision appointments typically last about an hour, sometimes less depending on your vision goals. Follow-up appointments may be necessary to train you on how to effectively use your new devices.

Will My Insurance Cover a Low Vision Appointment?

To qualify for insurance to cover a Low Vision appointment, your vision must be worse than 20/70 in at least one eye. This would be determined by your eye doctor at your annual eye exam. However, anyone worse than 20/40 could benefit from an exam! At the time of your low vision exam, all patients – whether or not they are utilizing insurance for the exam – can expect to pay a $49 refraction fee. Refraction is the process of measuring your vision, and is a necessary part of the evaluation, but is not covered by medical insurance plans.

Will I Be Able to Try Out the Devices the Doctor Recommends for Me?

Yes! Although not all devices will be available in the office, the doctor may be able to recommend and prescribe devices based on your visual goals. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the cost of the purchase of devices.

We Look Forward to Helping You See Your Best!

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