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Your primary eye care provider feels you would be a good candidate for LASIK or PRK laser eye surgery.
At this visit, you will meet your surgeon Rebecca Dale, MD, and have a thorough evaluation of your eyes, as well as a discussion of your goals for surgery. We want to answer your questions! Please discontinue soft contact lenses for three (or more) days prior to this visit. Rigid gas-permeable contact lenses should be discontinued for four (or more) weeks prior, if possible.


Dr. Dale will perform your surgery at TLC laser center in Bellevue using state-of-the-art lasers and experienced staff. Please wear comfortable clothes, arrange for a driver, and bring your prescription eye drops with you to TLC. It is okay to eat a light breakfast. After you have signed a final form at TLC, you will take a mild calming medication. LASIK patients should plan to take 1-2 days off of work, and PRK patients should plan to take 4-7 days off of work.

Post-Procedure Day

At your first day after surgery appointment, you will see one of our Snoqualmie Valley Eyecare doctors, usually at our Snoqualmie Ridge Office. Our team will review insturctions for your prescription medications and care after surgery.

Additional Post-Procedure Care

Depending on the individual, patients are usually seen again one week after surgery, again at one month, and gain at 3-4 months following surgery. For the first twelve months following your procedure, your visits that are related to your laser eye surgery are included in the cost of your procedure. In addition, should you require an enhancement to further sharpen your focus (and it is safe to proceed with an enhancement), the cost of the enhancement is covered for 24 months following your initial surgery.

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