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Eye Care THE DAY OF Surgery

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Transportation & A Driver

  • Be sure you have arranged a driver to bring you home following surgery.


  • Wear comfortable clothes (the laser room is cool).

Prescription Eye Drops & Medications

  • Bring your prescription eye drops and medications with you to TLC.

Consent Forms

  • Be sure all consent forms are signed BEFORE taking calming medication (diazepam).  You will take the calming medication about 30 minutes prior to your procedure.

Procedure Takes Minutes

  • Your eyes will be cleansed and additional drops instilled into your eyes before your surgery.  The laser procedure process takes about 5-10 minutes per eye.

Return Home After Surgery

  • You will be able to go home shortly after your procedure.   At home, you should relax for at least a few hours.  Many patients feel best if they take a nap for a few hours after surgery.

Eye Sensitivity & Irritation

  • It is normal for your eye may burn, itch, feel dry or like there is something in it.
  • You may experience sensitivity to light, glare, starbursts or halos around lights.
  • The whites of your eye will likely look red or bloodshot.
  • Both your eyes may tear or water.
  • Your vision will probably be hazy or blurry on the day of surgery.

Calming Medications

  • Both LASIK and PRK patients will receive a few extra tablets of the calming medication, diazepam, and can take this the weekend following surgery to help with anxiety and sleeping.
  • PRK patients will receive a prescription for oxycodone, to use as needed in the event of pain. For many patients, this allows them to rest well and get several hours of good sleep, which is helpful for healing.   Oxycodone causes sedation, and you should not drive when taking this medication.

Experiencing Sever Pain

  • Any patient who experiences severe pain should contact our doctors immediately and not wait for your scheduled visit.
  • One of our doctors is always on call.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call 425-831-2020 to be connected to the doctor on call.
  • After hours, select the option for an eye emergency to be connected to the doctor on call.


  • Take the ofloxacin and the prednisolone drops four times for the day of surgery: in the morning before you leave for surgery and three additional times after your return home.
  • You will instinctively want to rub your eye, but don't! Rubbing your eye could dislodge the flap, requiring further treatment. Wear the LASIK goggles from your kit for the first 24 hours, and also at night for the first 4 days.
  • You may experience some discomfort, or in some cases, mild pain. Feel free to take over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or ibuprofen.
  • Use preservative-free artificial tears (chilled or room-temperature) very frequently – every 15-30 minutes the weekend after surgery.


  • Take the ofloxacin drops four times for the day of surgery: in the morning before you leave for surgery and three additional times after your return home.
  • Take the prednisolone and the prolensa drops once in the morning prior to surgery and once at home in the evening after surgery.
  • Immediately following the procedure, a bandage contact lens will be placed on your eye(s), which improves comfort as your eye heals. It is okay to sleep in this contact lens, and you can put your eye drops in with the contact lens in.
  • It is normal to experience discomfort and moderate pain for about the first 3-5 days after surgery.
  • Take the ketoralac (toradol) pills three times daily, regardless of whether you are feeling any discomfort (this is a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory medicine). Do not take Aleve, naprosyn, or ibuprofen in addition to the ketoralac. You will continue this for a total of four days.
  • Use chilled preservative free artificial tears VERY frequently – every 15-30 minutes the weekend after the surgery. PRK patients can also chill the eye mask included in your kit, and use for 10 minutes at a time. Cooling is very effective at relieving discomfort from PRK.

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