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Eye Care AFTER surgery

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Can I shower?

  • You may take a shower, taking care to keep the spray directed away from your eyes and keep eyes gently closed when rinsing your head.  Do not immerse in water (no swimming, no hot tubs, and no saunas) for 10 days following surgery.

Can I wear makeup?

  • Do not wear eye makeup for 4 days following surgery

You MUST wear sunglasses?

  • For the first four months after surgery, wear sunglasses whenever you are outside.  This is important to protect your eyes from harmful UVA rays that could contribute to haze formation (especially important for PRK patients, but a good practice for all refractive surgery patients).

Eye Protection & Avoiding Injury

  • Once you resume regular activity, be sure to wear appropriate eye protection for all higher risk activities. Some common causes of eye injuries include woodworking or metalworking, bungee cords, fishing weights, and sports (esp. racquet sports, soccer and basketball).


  • It is normal for both PRK and LASIK patients to experience dryness following the procedure, especially in the first 3-6 months.

Using Artificial Tears

  • Be in the habit of using preservative free artificial tears on a regular basis, and make sure you have a supply handy in places that often trigger symptoms (in the car and at the computer are two areas where people often experience dryness symptoms).
  • When purchasing additional tears, the key is to continue to use preservative free tears in the individual dropperettes (it is okay to obtain a different brand then those in your eye care kit, as long as they are preservative free).  For many patients, the preservatives in multi-dose bottles can be an irritant and can negatively affect healing and the eye surface.  As a convenience, additional boxes of the preservative free tears are available for purchase in both our Snoqualmie and North Bend offices.

Experiencing Severe Dry Eye Symptoms

  • If you are having dryness symptoms that are uncontrolled despite use of tears, our doctors will likely recommend placement of an extended duration, absorbable punctual plug to increase the level of moisture on your eye surface.  Placement of punctal plugs is considered a medical treatment, and is billed separately to your insurance company.

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