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What prescription eye drops will I need to take?


LessDrops is a convenient and cost-effective alternative that combines three prescription eye drops into one bottle

Eye drops before and after cataract surgery

Prescription eye drops are generally used three days before and for a few weeks after surgery. The drops are an important part of the healing process and are used to decrease the risk of infection and quiet the normal inflammation that occurs following surgery.

We are pleased to offer a more convenient option that is actually less expensive for many patients. LessDrops combines the three types of drops commonly used for cataract surgery (an antibiotic, a steroid and an anti-inflammatory medicine) into one bottle. Rather than using three separate bottles, and needing to wait five minutes between instilling each type of eye drop in your eye, you get all three drops in one bottle. This option is not only more convenient, but also for many patients, significantly less expensive. Your out of pocket costs for the generic versions of the antibiotic, steroid and anti-inflammatory may be only a few dollars for some patients, but for some patients can be as high as a few hundred dollars (even for generics!). A bottle of LessDrops with all three medications in one (which should be enough for one eye’s cataract surgery) is $30, plus $10 to ship it directly to your home.


Whether you choose the traditional prescription drops that you will fill at your local pharmacy or the LessDrops option that is shipped to your home, you will begin using the drops three days prior to your cataract surgery (only in the eye that is scheduled for surgery). You will continue to use the drops for a few weeks after the surgery. At times, we may need to prescribe additional eye drops following surgery, for example for cases of a patient having higher eye pressure or inflammation that lasts longer than the average length of time after surgery.