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Is my activity restricted after cataract surgery?

What are the activity restrictions after surgery? Can I take a shower?

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It is okay to read, watch TV or use a computer after surgery. Using your eyes is not harmful, although you may need reading glasses to focus.

Following surgery, it is important to protect the eye and avoid rubbing or pushing on the eye. We will ask you to wear a clear plastic eye shield while you are sleeping for the first week. During the day, you can protect the eye with your glasses, a pair of sunglasses or the plastic shield (whichever is most comfortable for you). It is okay to shower or bathe following cataract surgery, but avoid getting water directly in the eye or immersing in water. We recommend absolutely no swimming or hot-tubbing for the first two weeks after surgery. For the first five to seven days after surgery, we recommend you take it easy on physical activity. Avoid heavy lifting, bending, and strenuous physical exercise. It is okay to read, watch TV, walk and perform light activity. Also, for the first week, avoid spending time in very dusty or dirty environments.